You are a Real-Estate Agent with a Big Problem

Unfortunately, the house you have to sell is haunted by ghosts.

You’ve been a real-estate agent for a while, so you know that haunted houses tend to fair poorly at auction. If there were only a single spectral entity in the house you’d be able to sell it as a charming bonus of the property. However, there’s not just one. And you know what they say about ghosts: The more you have, the worse it is.

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Real-estate agents are fearless creatures. Unfortunately, potential buyers aren’t charmed with the same fortitude!

The ghosts that haunt this particular house are very fond of possessing furniture and spooking anyone that comes too close. For a potential buyer, that’s a deal-breaker!

What should I do?

Your job is to rid the house of ghosts before the potential buyers arrive for their inspection. The best way to do that is give them a taste of their own medicine! Scare all the ghosts before they scare your customers at the open-house inspection.

What then?

If all goes well, you’ll be collecting your hard-earned commission at the end of the day.

If not… well…

How to Play

What to Do

Ghosts are mischievous creatures - when they possess an object, it will sometimes shake. Keep a lookout for any shaking objects in the house. Then, track them down and scare the ghosts out of them!



WAscend staircase / Turn away from camera
SDescend staircase / Turn towards camera
AGo left
DGo right


UpAscend staircase / Turn away from camera
DownDescend staircase / Turn towards camera
LeftGo left
RightGo right


Property In-Spectre (Mac) 26 MB
Property In-Spectre (Linux) 29 MB
Property In-Spectre (Win) 24 MB